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Key Function
F1 Start New Game
F2  Change Number of Players
Left / Right Cursor Move Column Selector
R / SPACE Roll Die

Playing the Game

The object of CardSwipe is to swipe one of each card from the play field to your tray of cards.  The first person to achieve this wins the game.  To swipe a card, you first roll the 5-sided die.  It has a side for each card as well as an S which means "Skip".  If you roll the S, your turn is skipped and the next player plays.  When it is your turn, you can change which column you are rolling against with the left/right cursor keys.  This is important because you want to try to get cards of the highest scoring colors.  You also want to try to get more cards of the same color, even if they are not the highest color, as having more cards of a color makes the cards more valuable.  The highest score you can achieve is 80 points which happens if you get all black cards.  


Color Points
Black 8
Red 4
Green 2
Blue 1

The base score for a card is selected from the table above.  Having multiple cards of the same color increases a scoring factor for subsequent cards of the same color, so if there are no more black cards available, you may still be able to achieve a higher score by selecting cards that are of matching colors.


Though it may be tempting to try to get all black cards, you may lose the game because a non-discriminating player is simply worried about getting their tray filled first.  Do you go for the quick win, or the highest score?

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